Our Classrooms

We have six classrooms divided by age and development. Our smaller class sizes allow the teachers to get to know each and every child on a more personal level and to be able to meet their individual needs.

  • Titus Room

    Six weeks to 1 year

    In the Titus Room teachers care for children through activities that encourage growth and development. Children's sleep schedule is on demand. Teachers encourage physical and emotional development through tummy time, music, regular interaction and more.

  • Noah Room

    1 year to 2 years

    In the Noah Room teachers continue the development of the children's social, emotional and physical skills. Children also start developing more speech at this age. This is encouraged through reading, repeating, and general conversation with the children.

  • David Room

    2 years to 3 years

    In the David Room the teachers start to prepare the children for preschool in the future. Children are encouraged to be more independent. Teachers continue to encourage language development through reading and conversations. Social skills start to develop more and are encouraged through cooperative play in different centers.

  • Peter Room

    3 years to 4 years

    In the Ruth Room, teachers start to focus a little more on academics. Preschool is offered from 9:00 am-11:30 am every day. Parents interested in preschool only can contact the office for more information about the schedule. Children are encouraged explore relationships through interactive play. Fine and Gross motor skills are practiced through games, coloring and manipulatives.

  • Hannah Room

    4 years to Kindergarten

    In the Hannah Room, teachers encourage more independence as children are gradually prepared for kindergarten throughout the year. Preschool is offered everyday from 9:00 am-11:30 am. Please contact the office for more information. Children slowly start the mastery of their Fine and Gross motor skills in this class. The teacher focuses more on academics and social development. 

  • Ruth Room

    Kindergarten to 12 years

    before and after school as well as summer time care

    We offer before and after school care for children currently in kindergarten-age 12. We also have a Summer program for this age group that takes the children on field trips and has a loose curriculum to allow the children to continue using their minds while enjoying fun with friends.