Our Classroooms

We have six classrooms divided by age and development. Our smaller class sizes allow the teachers to get to know each and every child on a more personal level and to be able to meet their individual needs.


  • Titus Room

    Newborn to 1 year

    In the Titus Room the teachers work with the children to help them to reach developmental milestones.

  • Noah Room

    1 year to 2 years

    In the Noah Room the teachers encourage the children, through play, to develop language skills, through sign language along with verbal communication. Along with language skills, we also encourage the children to start taking responsibility for their classroom by putting toys away. 

  • David Room

    2 years to 3 years

    In the David Room the classroom has more structured play to get children ready to move up to the preschool classrooms. Teachers encourage extended language skills,  some independent self help skills, and more classroom responsibility. 

  • Ruth Room

    3 years to 4 years

    In the Ruth Room, we offer Preschool from 9:00 am to 11:30 am, Monday through Friday. Prior to Preschool and after Preschool we offer Child Care. The teachers encourage independent toileting, self help skills such as putting shoes and jackets on independently, and putting personal items away in cubbies. 

  • Hannah Room

    4 years to Kindergarten

    In the Peter Room we offer Preschool from 9:00 am to 11:30 am, Monday through Friday. Child care is available for before and after preschool time. The Peter Room children are very independent in personal hygiene, and self help skills. Our teachers encourage them to show compassion and kindness to each other and to sit for longer periods of time. We encourage them to get ready for kindergarten through learning activities. 

  • Peter Room

    Kindergarten to 12 years

    before and after school as well as summer time care

    We offer summer care as well as before and after school care for children up to age 12.